Haben und brauchen
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„Haben und Brauchen seeks to advocate in the field of art as well as in art?s neighboring occupational fields a platform for discussion and action. The aim is to establish a consciousness and self-concept concerning what distinguishes the forms of artistic production and articulation that have unfolded in Berlin during recent decades and how these forms can be preserved and further developed.“ More about their activities: www.habenundbrauchen.de

Since 2014 I am joining the work group work /AG Arbeit which Haben und Brauchen established as one of three work groups durig the process to develop a sustainable concept for a long lasting dialog between the Culture Senat Berlin and the independent art scene (see H&B website for more)

AG Arbeit currently are Alice Münch, Inga Zimplich, Birgit Schlieps, Hannah Kruse, Ildiko Szanto, Moira Zoitl, Ina Wudtke and Ute Weiss-Leder). Our work reflects artistic work in its various contexts of production and resulting life realities of artistst and art workers. We are not only researching facts but at the same time we are developing artistic strategies and settings which might be helpful to put problematic situations into sight and up for discussion to force changes.


work group work /AG Arbeit:

>Text contribution in VONHUNDERT MAGAZIN: ARBEIT 7-2014

>Workshop during the ART LEAKS presentation / at Flutgraben e.V. Berlin

Haben und Brauchen was invited for AOI/Artist International Conference HAU1, Berlin 2015

In this frame Sonja Augart, Alice Münch, Ina Wudtke, Inga Zimprich and me presented our statement which reflected our thoughts and concerns related to this conference to the audience and to the curators Florian Malzacher, Jonas Staal and Joanna Warsza.

>A review from Sarrita Hunn / Temporary Art Review you can read here

>A review of AOI and our actions you can read in Metropolis M/Uetrecht NL, 2nd Edition 2015

Art Activism & Networking
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