Snap to the grid
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snap to the grid

Participatory Elements
Exhibition: SNAP TO THE GRID, 1998, single exhibition
curator: Dr. Ute Tischler, Galerie ParkHaus, Berlin

snap to the grid is a multilayered research about phenomena that TV generates in daily life. Snap to the grid means sticking to the raster of the screen.
Being in the light of the radiation implies missing out some details of the image the raster hides which is lost during the process of perception.

The blue box is questioning the transmission of news which is transferred through human speakers and the role of the recipient in relation. Visitors can enter the box and find themselves in front of a huge empty news speaker´s desk. Thus become part of the news-generating and evaluating process. The grey box shoots images up into your eye.
Sources are several news channels, private pictures and pictures of the artificial sim city. A process of confusion. What are these images causing; what can we relate to; why?

In the lounge area you can feel at home, rest, eat some microwave popcorn, some chips, choose a video, read the program or pick a book about news related themes.

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