BLICK berlinerpool // Interview Tatjana Fell/Barbara Kępa // April 2013
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BLICK berlinerpool // Interview Tatjana Fell/Barbara Kępa // April 2013



April 2013

Tatjana Fell: This time BLICK introdues berlinerpool`s artist Tatjana Fell. Tatjana personality is a hyper-active one. She uses her power and energy to make art, run arttransponder and develop new platforms or possibilities to networking, exchange knowledge, experiences and artistic strategies. A source of these multi-task program is an importance of other person and our common social life as well as a need of constant change to live better, to understand more and to remove the obstacles in social interactions and communication with each other.

Barbara Kępa studied History of Art at the University of Wroclaw, Poland and Freie Universität Berlin. In Wroclaw cooperated with EMDES art space, in Berlin was intern in Edition Block and now has the internship in berlinerpool archive

berlinerpool archive
Read the full interview:

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