Emotional Spaces // showing 17.12.2014
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Emotional Spaces // showing 17.12.2014

performance project


17. Dezember 2014, 21 Uhr
17. Dezember 2014
TANZFABRIK BERLIN | STUDIO | Wedding 3 Uferstr. 23 | 13357 Berlin

Admission free

Participants of the performance project „Emotional Spaces“ led by Joris Camelin and Matthieu Burner are showing results of their work

This research aims to free ourselves from the habits, the recurring patterns and the social behaviors we project into our actions. We will begin from an emotional perspective, questioning the border between performing and not performing to trigger notions of nothingness and vulnerability. We will engage our physical and emotional sensitivity and openness in a dialogue with the surrounding space including the architecture, audience and colleagues. We will focus on questions such as: How does one recognize and use the gaze of the audience while acknowledging the emotional frictions induced by a direct confrontation with the ‚other‘? How does one transform triggered emotions into an energy that allows us to explore and play with the present moment? How does one subdue his/her/here own ego in order to work with the space and people around them? In this workshop dance as visible event is not the goal. Dance as a vector of an emotion, of a tension between performers, observers, and space that is managed in real time. What would it mean to work on ways of sharing more than showing?

Joris CamelinMatthieu Burner

Foto: Joris Camelin

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