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Starting from a conceptual, context-based perspective, my artistic works explore the boundaries of visibility and latent existence. In process-based and long-term research, I scrutinise structures of order and reference and develop new possibilities of reference. Central to my work is the investigation and development of spaces for action and possibilities for action, as well as conditions for synergies through collaboration. Questions of collective action, authorship and the social and political impact of art play a special role. Furthermore, investigations into the art system, the role of the artist and the production conditions of art are the subject of my artistic explorations.

I incorporate my questions into complex, referential settings that are usually site-specific and audience-integrative or I realise them within direct active/activist cultural-political and curatorial work. I am particularly interested in creating a space for discussion and direct exchange. References to current discourses and theories and the involvement of a diverse public are essential components of this. In addition to my own artistic work, I create projects in co-operation with other artists, scientists, theorists and activists. My multimedia installations consist of sound, video, photography, performance and specially designed furniture.

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